Monday, December 15, 2008

Dark Nails

Best Shades for Light Skin
Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann says those with fair skin should opt for blue-based shades with soft shimmer, which will look crisp—not goth—even on porcelain hands like Liv Tyler's.

For Light Skin: Red
A hint of pink gives this crimson a pretty edge.
Essie in Lacy Not Racy, $8; buy online now at

For Light Skin: Purple
A feminine berry that's not too dramatic for fair skin.
Avon Nailwear in Vintage Vamp, $5; buy online now at

For Light Skin: Brown
An earthy chestnut looks elegant mixed with metallic.
Revlon in Crushed Crimson, $5; visit for stores.

Best Shades for Medium Skin
Look for gold flecks and warm undertones which make even tricky colors, like purple, flattering on Eva Mendes and all women with olive or tan complexions.

For Medium Skin: Red
Classic ruby red with a sexy metallic finish.
OPI in Bastille My Heart, $9; visit for stores.

For Medium Skin: Purple
Gold shimmer softens the look of deep violet.
Dior Vernis in Liquorice, $19; visit for stores.

For Medium Skin: Brown
The tiny flecks of copper make olive skin glow.
Orly in Golden Maharaja, $8; buy online now at

Best Shades for Dark Skin
Take the trend to the extreme, advises Lippmann, who suggests going for strong hues that border on black. Kerry Washington does just that with nails that match her noir dress.

For Dark Skin: Purple
The high sheen of this inky aubergine makes nails pop.
MAC in Illegal Purple, $11; visit for stores.

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