Monday, December 15, 2008

Recycling Crafts - Tin Can Desk Organizer

Before discarding used cans, consider creating lovely decorations for your home with them. With just a bit of scrapbook paper and a few die cuts, you can give a can a face lift and make it into an organizer for your desk.
- clean small tin can for example 8oz can
- scrapbook paper in 2 coordinating colors
- textured cardstock in 2 coordinating colors
to match the papers
- Sizzix Sidekick
- Sizzix Sizzlet “Butterfly”
- double sided adhesive tape
- scissors
- quilter’s ruler and cutting mat
Tip: Always keep the beginning and end seams to the back of the can.
1. Cut the first strip of scrapbook paper to measure the width of the can plus 1 cm overlap and the height of the paper should be half of the can’s height.
2. Cut the second strip of scrapbook paper to measure the width of the can plus one cm overlap and the height of the paper should be half of the can’s height plus 1 cm overlap.
3. Place double sided adhesive on the short ends of both strips of paper.
4. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive of the smaller strip. Wrap this strip around the top half of the can, making sure it is is fitting tightly.
5. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive of the second strip. Wrap it now tightly around the can. This strip will overlap the first by 1 cm in the middle of the can.
6. Cut a strip of textured cardstock that is 2 cm high. Place double sided adhesive on both of the short ends and (keeping the seam to the back) wrap it over the middle of the can, covering the overlap of the scrapbook papers.
7. Cut a 1 cm high strip of the lighter colored scrapbook paper and lay it aside.
8. Die cut 5 butterflies out of the textured cardstock. Take now the 1 cm high strip and insert it through the butterflies. Once all butterflies are on the strip, place double sided adhesive on both short ends of the strip and lay in the center over the 2cm strip of textured cardstock from step 6.
9. Turn the butterflies to the left and to the right and bend their wings outwards for more dimension.

Maritime Crafts
This votive costs practically nothing to make. Recycle kitchen jars and combine them with vegetable netting which actually resembles fishermen’s netting to create this quick and easy summertime table decoration for your next outdoor party or get-together. Hot glue a few shells to give the votive the finishing touch and a maritime look.
Supplies Needed:
- Clean jelly or food jar, mustard glass or
other glass that can be recycled
- netting from vegetables - used for onions,
tomatoes, potatoes, etc.... or other
- collected seashells or other beach
- tea light
- transparent double sided tape
- hot glue gun
1. Clean your jars.
2. Remove any fasteners from the netting. Cut it to a length that will fit around the jar plus a little bit more. Try not to pull much on the netting as it stretches out of shape easily.
3. Cut a one centimeter or 1/2 inch strip of double sided tape the height of the jar and adhere the strip vertically down the jar. Take your netting, wrap around the jar, overlap the two ends and adhere them to the tape.
4. Add hot glue to the shells and adhere them randomly to the jar as desired. The hot glued shells are an additional help holding the netting to the jar.

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